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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


It's such a joy--a relaxation--for my mind to shift from words to visual art. I'm really enjoying the work for North Fork Arts Projects. This morning in the gallery my eyes snagged on two works by Ulysses Duterte, the works that compelled me to ask him about exhibiting. They first intrigued me because the imagery is of sunsets and yet are presented on thin fields when I usually think of sunsets as bearing a seemingly infinite expanse. I appreciate their conceptual underpinning of what may be seen through prison bars, something we'll be exploring through his exhibit's online discourse in February (other works will be presented too). Meanwhile, here they are currently in the gallery--I'd just set them against the wall and later realized I'd de facto displayed them a la John McCracken's plank works. It's making me think I might display them in a similar fashion (rather than hanging them up) for purpose of the exhibit as I like (and usually don't like) the meta element of turning nature into one of interiority...

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