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Friday, September 8, 2017


Thanks to Anselm Berrigan for putting up poems from "The Ashbery Riff-Offs" over at The Brooklyn Rail. This can't help but be poignant ... TIP: Reading all the poems in order colors the last line of last poem in a certain way ...

For my blog-filing, here are poems' titles:

"Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: Vision"
"Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: 1.6 × 10^-35 Meters"
"Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: Aura"
"Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: Earned Caviar"
"Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: Euphemisms For Mortality"


And speaking of this series, another poem just went up at The Fil-Am Artist Directory site: "Witnessed in the Convex Mirror: For the Dreamers."
The intersectionality kinda went amuck in this poem, from Ashbery to DACA to an assignment to write after a FilAm artist's work (in this case Pamela Ybanez's) to Irving Berlin. But such is ... Ashbery's effect, and greatness.

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