Eileen R. Tabios is a poet working in multiple genres and in-between. She also loves books by writing, reading, publishing, critiquing, romancing and advocating for them. This blog will feature her bibliophilic activities with posts on current book engagements and links to her books and projects related to books.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, that is. Thanks to curator Doug Holder and reviewer Zvi Sesling for their attention to MANHATTAN. You can click  on green link below for review, if you wish to read!

Since the 1990s when I first encountered Eileen Tabios’s poetry, she has continually taken readers on a different journey of creativity with each book. Ms. Tabios is one of the Philippines’ great gifts to the United States. Her poetry is innovative, definitely creative and never repetitive…. There are many other lines in Tabios’s poetry that intrigue – there always are. Her language is light years ahead of many poets from countries around the world, yet remains accessible and exciting.
—Zvi A. Sesling, Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, Sept. 18, 2017

(Nota Bene: I chose to excerpt above lines to ... make mischief, not necessarily because I believe my own P.R.)

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