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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


For the past three years and until recently, my primary project was "Murder, Death and Resurrection” (MDR) which generated nine books/chapbooks and other poems and (exhibited) visual poetry. I have a conversation about it with Thomas Fink at Dichtung Yammer. But here’s an excerpt:
"Having said that, there is an artifice, if not artificiality, in my articulating the project to be one of murder, death and resurrection—these are weighty terms. Part of their weight, for me, is that I was raised a Christian and of course murder, death and resurrection are exactly what happened to Jesus Christ. The reference is weighty, the reference is solemn, the reference is fraught for me and (or because) the reference is deliberately blasphemous. But what was happening here was a deliberately and aggressively radical exhortation at myself to get my act together as regards the future of my poetry. I had felt stalled, and stalled deep. So I had to find a radical solution: murder.”
You can see entire conversation HERE.  Here are images for some of the publications generated by MDR:

The MDR also provided the title poem and theme to my first bilingual edition (English & Romanian), I FORGOT ARS POETICA:

You can see information about all the MDR projects HERE. It'd been "a glorious ride ..."! Thank you, Universe.

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