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Thursday, April 20, 2017


nearly singeing off all of my hair!

What I do for art. And I did this for KQED's feature "First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump" which you can see HERE viz article entitled "Does it Matter if Trump Doesn't Read Your Protest Poetry?" by Jonathan Curiel.

This "performance art" warranted a rare Selfie, about which I noted on FB:
Next time I'll just walk on a thread between the penthouse suites of two skyscrapers ten miles apart. That'd be easier than it was to burn the chap! ... nearly singed of all of my hair when I finally figured out not to use a match (burn my hand before it'd light up a page) and never mind the candle (I did bring it out, Dan Waber, in good intentions) and finally opted for the most dangerous option: the stove fire. Don't panic, I made sure to wet the nearby sink so I could safely toss it there in case something went askew. And now the dog walker/photographer wants combat pay! (Performance art? I have new respect for those who allow scissors near their naked flesh.)

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