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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I occasionally repost from Facebook when the matter at hand is a book. And this matter is a great book: Timothy Yu's 100 Chinese Silences.  I said:
It's March 2016 but I just read this 2015 release and, for a moment, it made me forget everything I read from 2015. That's how brilliant, nay, BRILLIANT, this book is. It should be required reading by ALL literature lovers, poets, Russians, scholars (especially in Asian American and ethnic studies but also in creative writing), students in any and all disciplines, critics so you'd up the threshold against which you might compare the poetry book,... Matter of fact, you cannot consider yourself a serious fan or student of poetry IF. YOU. DO. NOT. READ. THIS. BOOK. Most assuredly I can assure you, if poetry really were a competition, it will beat out any other book that might be awarded everything from the Pulitzer to the Asian American Librarian Poetry Award (even if they're still subsuming poetry under non-fiction -- I digress but librarians, please wake up!) So listen to me: I don't get this offensive without a reason...

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