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Monday, January 11, 2016


Sundress, a collective whose activities include Best of the Net, has awarded INVENT(ST)ORY a January title of “The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed.” No, that’s not a sub-category of the Miss Universe beauty pageant but a moniker punning off the collective’s name. Well, as a Pin@y, I love puns. And as someone who mostly inhabits Dad’s old shirts, I’m delighted by this particular honor.

So I’m pleased to share my current wardrobe as I thank Sundress and curator lilbrecht baker for giving INVENT(ST)ORY this honor: today I am wearing non-seasonal Christmas socks, Levis, one of Dad’s burgundy shirts hemmed by Mom. Make-Up by No One. Shoes by Who Cares.

This honor, by the way, means that Sundress will be posting a poem from INVENT(ST)ORY once a week in the weeks ahead. The inaugural poem is a poem I crafted from deep poetics aka my sense of humor—thanks to William Allegrezza and his literary journal Moss Trill for first publishing my commentary on the poetry world, “Listing.”  You can see INVENT(ST)ORY’s wardrobe over HERE

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