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Sunday, April 12, 2015


is the title of a wonderful series of exhibitions of visual arts by poets in the Philippines. The first exhibit was put together in 1983 by members of the Philippine Literary Arts Council.  Here's an article about its history (love the photos of the poets as young pups!) and the next exhibition that will open  on Nov. 11 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Main Gallery, to last until Feb. 14, 2016. Invited to participate, I sent over a four-panel piece, each panel being imprinted with a word. I won't say anymore than that for now except to say that it's the third piece of a triptych poem-vispo work that 's part of "EXCAVATIONS," my latest manuscript-in-progress.   

This will be my second time participating in Chromatext.  My first participation involved a visual presentation of my poem "List(ing) Poem: Towards the New Filipino Society" -- an essay about the work's conceptual underpinnings is available HERE, and further contextualized in my book THE LIGHT SANG AS IT LEFT YOUR EYES: Our Autobiography.  Here's a photo of the poem's installation:

Thanks to Alfred "Krip" Yuson for inviting me to participate in the Chromatext exhibitions.

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