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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


And so I end my guest-curatorship of The List or Catalog Poem Series over at TRUCK.  I end with me.

Hm. "I end with me."  That's, like, almost as catchy as "I is the Other" but I digress...

I said, "I end with me" because I chose to feature as the last poem a poem written by Sandy McIntosh when he was making fun of how prolific I am and specifically with thick books like, as he called them, the BRICK and SON-OF-A-BRICK.  Funny guy, my publisher.

Anyway, it's been a joy to do this project.  And I thank the poet-participants again and, for your convenience and re-reading pleasure, post their names below -- you can check out their List Poems by going HERE:

7 – Anne Gorrick
18 – lars palm 
19 – Tom Beckett 
20 – Mark Young 
25 – G. Mae Aquino 
26 – Erin Virgil
27 – J Likha Yatco
29 – Jim McCrary

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