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Sunday, March 1, 2015


MARCH means a daily posting of list or catalog poems over at TRUCK.  Given my interest in the form, I decided to curate a theme issue on it -- here's my official announcement below -- but keep checking HERE for poets who listed into poems!


Dear Readers,

Thanks to Halvard Johnson for the opportunity to curate a group of poems concerned with the form of list or catalog poem. This is a form that’s interested me since I began writing poems. In more recent years, the list poem has intrigued because of my other interest in subverting the form of auto/biography; I’ve found that the list not only can be an autobiographical fragment of one’s life (e.g. ye olde shopping list) but also a form that can enhance truth-telling by presenting a scaffolding against the turmoil of emotions that arises when one looks at one’s life.

My interest in this form will manifest itself in my forthcoming book, INVENT(ST)ORY: Selected Catalog Poems &New. I decided to curate a TRUCK issue on the list poem to see how else other poets conceive of the form. As you will see through these varied offerings, there’s more going on in the list poem than just … listing.  My thanks to the poet-participants.

I list below the poet-participants. I plan to post 1-2 poets daily. For convenience, their names below will be linked to their offerings as we proceed through the month.


(Nos. are Days of Month):

1 – Introduction & Index
2 – Amanda Ngoho Reavey 
3 – Barry Schwabsky  
4 – Stephanie Strickland 
5 – Sandy McIntosh
6 – John Bloomberg-Rissman
7 – Anne Gorrick
8 – Sheila Murphy 
8 – Rebecca Loudon
9 – Patrick James Dunagan
9 – Jean Vengua 
10 – Anny Ballardini 
11 – Patti Greenberg 
12 – Neil Leadbeater 
13 – Laura Roghaar 
14 – Donna Fleischer
15 – Marton Koppany 
16 – Minal Hajratwala 
17 – Michael Sikkema 
18 – lars palm 
19 – Tom Beckett 
20 – Mark Young 
21 – Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow 
22 – Alex Gildzen 
23 – Melissa Eleftherion
24 – J.G. Dimaranan 
25 – G. Mae Aquino 
26 – Erin Virgil
27 – J Likha Yatco
28 – Julia Fleeman 
29 – Shloka Shankar 
29 – Jim McCrary
30 – Halvard Johnson 
31 – Eileen Tabios & a Doppelganger (Sandy McIntosh)

(cover to a List Poem chap by TRUCK contributor Alex Gildzen)


P.S.  Here's one of the contributors Jim McCrary just coz I'll post his mug anywhere, this one as a young un':

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