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Monday, March 2, 2015


Delighted to share that three favorite poems from my manuscript AMNESIA: Somebody's Memoir are in the latest issue of one of the sharpest lit journals out there, THE VOLTA, which is to say, thanks to editor Joshua Marie Wilkinson for dubbing me "Heir Apparent."  Click on the poem titles below (which I cite to blog-file) to get to them:

"I Forgot That Summer in Rome" 
"I Forgot My Skin Was Ruin" 
and an excerpt from "I Forgot the Song Inside the Stone"

To write those poems, Achilles whispered back after I whispered tips to him as he played draughts with Ajax:


Speaking of newly-published poems, I am also delighted to share that a poem from another manuscript, The Connoisseur of Alleys, is part of the just-released Marsh Hawk Review.  Poem is titled "ENHEDUANNA IN THE 21ST CENTURY." And I'm also in great company.

Thanks to poetry and poet-editors and poetry-readers!

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