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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Clearing my overblown email stash to come across three readers' emails.  About SUN STIGMATA, they sayeth:
...then I receive your Stigmata and look, in-the-holding of it, for the light to pass through my hands -- I expect to be nailed in its reading -- though what comes forth, I am sure, will be more in the order of that Blakean Energy is Eternal Delight nailed to the Tree of Life.  Where  "Sometimes one simply must flee / from what one loves the most" /.  As does every Laurel her Apollo. 
...the wonderful Sun Stigmata--it is challenging, breaks new ground at times, I think, and does so with intelligence and grace, and I find real beauty in it for all its edginess.  
...wonderful. A long time ago my brother said to me, the weirder your work gets (meaning the less driven by me and the more by processes and "algorithms") the more it sounds like you. He meant it as a compliment. Not as in "ego-driven lyric" but as in C Olson's "we only stand more revealed". Since this seem to apply to your work as well, it's a compliment / observation which I will pass on to you. It doesn't matter whether you are making poems from your generator or hacking them out of previous work or ... they sound so "Eileen" -- which means crazy great and fascinating. No comma between crazy and great.

I always have email overload.  And I often forget what I have.  I should spring clean more often.  Meanwhile, Thank You Universe.

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