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Monday, June 29, 2020


I've never been there, but I love Brussels. Which is to say, as soon as online publishing became possible, I glommed onto that train! Recall the early days of that artificial controversy of online vs print publishing, i.e. that print publishing supposedly is better? But if one focuses on audience versus reputation, it's logical to support online venues as such significantly expands readership. So back to Brussels--today I received my contributor's copy of the Belgian literary/arts journal On peut se permettre where one of my poems, "ROBOT COSPLAY," is presented in French translation. The translator Fanny Garin found my poem online and was moved to translate.
I never would have seen my poems in different countries than the U.S. or translated in other languages without online publishing. What I also love about this process is that my poems are speaking for themselves. As their author, I'm not doing any pitching blather about how great they are--the poems are read and judged solely based on their merit before they might pique a translator's (or any reader's) interest. Merveilleux!
I present them below because, although I'm not fluent in French, I think my poem looks lovely in that dress! Merci!
And I'm also presenting them here because they are in a print journal. Quelle belle ironie!

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