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Thursday, May 28, 2020


Sometimes, world-traveler hay(na)ku visits schools. I'm delighted to share a poem by Janessa Graham, a student at a CUNY LaGuardia course called "Poetry Workshop" and taught by professor-poet Thomas Fink. At this course, Janessa wrote--and thank you, Janessa!

Its Truth-By Janessa Graham
(Co-inspired by Robert Creeley’s “The Language” and Eileen Tabios’s Hay(na)ku)

its truth
is a persona’s

dancing through 
pen taps on

piece, the
living, the crux

of visceral
the sculpt of

body matter.


A few more students also wrote in hay(na)ku. If their poems become available for sharing, I'll be delighted to feature more on this space. I feel blessed!

And if anyone wants to learn more about the hay(na)ku, go to its link ... and here's my latest hay(na)ku book:

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