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Friday, May 29, 2020


I’m grateful but also stunned by this unexpected article on me “By Barnard Archives and Special Collections.” I wasn’t expecting it, and felt a variety of emotions as I read through it. I feel a little shocked, to tell the truth, because this article  is the first time I get to have a sense of what a third-party would say about my life  based on researching what’s out there. It’s sort of a version of a life which is not immediately familiar to me. That is, while there’s nothing inaccurate in the article, the matters that are emphasized are different choices than what I would have made – thereby giving a different sense of the life that I thought I’d lived. I suppose that’s the difference between biography and autobiography, and/or biography written with or without the subject’s involvement. Anyway, I can only be grateful to Barnard College for the love. And gratitude to BC Class of 2020 students Sarah Barlow-Ochshorn and Jenna Jaquez


I should also thank certain poetry groups whose past attention on me or my works ended up being part of Barnard’s sources:
The Argotist
Marsh Hawk Press
Our Own Voice
Poetry Foundation

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