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Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Writing, or perhaps any form of art-making, can seem to be such an opaque process until the art itself is made. That’s why I’ve enjoyed using the 2 mundane tasks of listing and counting to address my behavior as a poet last year. This year is for my long-form novel, The 1,146th Fairy Tale (first draft done and so editing/rewriting begins), and my daily Facebook posts will look like my first below (except mostly without illustration). The posts act as markers for myself, made public so as to increase pressure on myself to produce (this is just how I roll).

(While this novel is not finished, I did finish a book about writing it because I dig that meta; I’m forever grateful to Otoliths for publishing that manuscript as a special issue of the magazine.) So, here's my inaugural Fitbit for the novel:


I filed away a lot of poetry.
I organized my print-outs of the novel’s first draft.
I organized my desk to give first priority to the novel over other literary projects (by stacking the manuscript on far left corner of the desk; the more urgent a project, the more it’s located on desk as leftist).

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