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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


“The Limits of Syntax” is one of those poems I wrote and promptly forgot about because I’d written it off the cuff. Stride Magazine first published it in 2017 and then it was a Poem of the Day earlier this month at Central Coast Poetry Shows. You can see the text-poem HERE.  I’m glad it appeared at CCPS as it allowed stellar vispo poet Claude Nguyen to do something with it viz “rhythm and waving.” THANKS so much, Claude! Please go to his blog konkrete poesie to see, though I present image below:

 Curious, I asked Claude for a process note as regards his interpretation and he says (again, thank you!):

"It is a very spontaneous work, in general what touches me for the interpretation is the poetic lightness in front of the heaviness of the world, a force of the flight in some way. It is a very beautiful poem that I see as a clearing in the deep forest."

I’m so grateful that Claude has found a way into my poems. I believe we’ll be seeing more “translations” from him.

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