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Saturday, October 13, 2018


Al Filreis is the Kelly Professor of English, Director of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, and Faculty Director at Kelly Writers House / University of Pennsylvania. He’s also crafted a fabulous  ModPo – Modern & Contemporary American Poetry – series you can follow on YouTube. You can tell Al Filreis must be a great teacher by the extemporaneous flow of his insights as he discusses poetry with others.  The ModPo Live Webcasts are great to watch—I so appreciate how its participants take poetry … seriously. Last but not least, I do appreciate his citation of the hay(na)ku -- about 22 minutes into THIS VIDEO per
“Eileen Tabios’ edition – 15th year anniversary edition of these remarkable hay(na)kus that she’s been promoting. I think Eileen Tabios is doing kinda her version of ModPo by assembling communities of people who are writing in an accessible form, and this is a great thing.”

Btw, I chuckled over his pronunciation of “hay(na)ku”—he says “hay” as in what we toss at the horses to eat. I’ve always thought it as “hai” as in haiku. But you know what I’ve always intended about the hay(na)ku—variations are welcome and all are acceptable.

Al Filreis
For your vision.

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