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Monday, August 27, 2018


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As I prepare for the book launch of HAY(NA)KU 15, I've been requested to post a list of contributors. Ergo, here's the book's TABLE OF CONTENTS below. It will be released Sept. 1, 2018 and I hope you all check it out! But first, the invite:

Sept. 8, 2018: Hay(na)ku Poetry Reading and Celebration
–with Birthday Cake, Bubbly and Other Yummies!
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room A/B
Lower Level
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


Foreword: Abraham Ignacio, Jr.

Introduction: Eileen R. Tabios

I.  English Hay(na)ku with Some Translations

Jonel Abellanosa: “Abecedarian Spirals”

William Allegrezza” “flight” and “envoy”

Ivy Alvarez: “[four-],” “[there],” and “[leaf]”

Catherine Maryse Anderson: “Reunion”


Roxanne Barbour: “[spewing]” and “[spray of rocks]”

Sheila Bare: "[Kain na tayo],” “Lacunae,” and “Nostalgia"

Gabby Pascual Bautista: “[What]”

Tom Beckett: “[Desire]”

John M. Bennett: “meat” and “limpid”

John M. Bennett and C. Mehrl Bennett: “HAY(NA)KU”

Charles Bernstein: “Ku(na)hay”

John Bloomberg-Rissman: “[These life-sized dissectible wax women ...]” and “[“No new photographs ...]”

Rose Booker: “[Earth],” “[Heaven],” and “[Burbling]”

Dominic Bradley: “[drums]”

Nick Carbo: “NAKU NAKU”

Angeli Marie L. Casauay: “THE ENGINEER”

Aileen Cassinetto: “Traje de Boda”

Paul Cassinetto: “Viand”

Tess Crescini: “Mindfulness exercise”

Steve Dalachinsky: “[tobacco]”

Steve Dalachinsky and Jim Leftwich: “with drawn line—”

Malaya Lanikai de Jesús-Tinsman: “hay(na)ku: shadow”

Melinda Luisa de Jesús: “Crocus in Early Spring,” “Hay(na)ku: For the white feminist professor who told me I was ‘ghettoizing’ myself by studying Asian American Literature,” and “Hay(na)ku Sentence: On Grenfell Towers”

Carol Dorf: “Afterwards, the House” and “Winter”

Peg Duthie: “dusk”

Susan Echaore-McDavid: “Bad Days”

deb y felio: “[he]”

Princess Fernandez: “Kojie-san: A Soap Opera

M.A. Fink: “The Cure”

Thomas Fink: “DOX”

Thomas Fink & Maya D. Mason:”[My]”

Ralph Semino Galán: “Leda’s Fate,” “Cassandra’s Lament,” and “Echo’s Grief”

Danny Gallardo: “[Diaspora]” in English and Filipino

Norbert Gora: “What is life?” and “Love, dear love” in Polish and English

Vince Gotera: “9/11 plus 12,” “Dad Sings,” and “Miracle Woman”

Carolyn Gutierrez-Abanggan (with translator Eileen R. Tabios): “A LONG DAY”

Jeff Harrison: “Nightling Signals”

Crag Hill: “Forthcoming” and “There was the human mind’s copying”

C. Sophia Ibardaloza: “Sockdolager”

Luisa A. Igloria: “Reverse Hay(na)ku: Reinstating Hope”

Heikki Lahnaoja: “[Snow]” and, in Finnish, “[Jäljellä],” “[Viimein,],” and “[Tuuli]”

Kathleen Lawrence: “Three’s A Crowd”

Iris Lee: “RESIST”

Abigail Licad: “Why I Am Not Friends with My Neighbors”

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor: “The Politics of Beauty”

Sean Labrador y Manzano: “For Deterrence”

Sean Labrador y Manzano and Taeo Kalani Manzano: “Conversation at the Wartime Café, 18 March 2018”

Agnes Marton: “Texture”

Lauren McBride: “[snowmelt],” “[barnacles],” and “[seashells spirals inward]”

Jim McCrary: “Charlie Parker Memorial Hay(na)Ku” and “Mind Full Ness Ku”

Lani Montreal: “[Time],” “[Red],” and “[Ma,]”

Sheila Murphy: “Please],” “[Monsoon],” and “[Frames]”

Michael Thomas Nelmida: “[This]” and, with Filipino translations, “[Lost]” and “[Tale]”

Stephen Nelson: “[birth],” “[orange],” and “[hare]”


Eunice Barbara C. Novio : “The Poet’s Children” and “Tokhang”

Thomas O’Connell: “[Home],” “[Friends],” and “[Rabbits]”

Amy Ray Pabalan: “For Earl, on Veteran’s Day” and “Transformation”

Jose Padua: “Five Broken Hay(na)kus on the Theme of America”

lars palm: “bucket of paint”

Cesar Polvorosa, Jr.: “[Lightning],” “[Bench],” and “[Tender shoots show]”

Randy Prunty: “[Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious],” “[Sated],” and “[First]”

Sheri Reda: “San Pietro,” “Trevi,” and “Uffizzi”

Elizabeth Robinson: “Sleep,” “Dream,” and “Wake”

Zvi A. Sesling: “[Called],” “[President],” “[Picture],” “[Fountain],” “[Captain],” and “[Football]”

S. Shaw: “Christmas just ain't Christmas without the one you love

Radhey Shyam (with translator Rama Kant): “[moonlight],” “[rose],” “[desire],” “[work],” and, with Hindi translations, “[butterfly]”

Leny Mendoza Strobel: “[take]”

Eileen R. Tabios (with translators Rebeka Lembo, Michael Thomas Nelmida, and Elena Tapean): “COUPLING: How To Write A Poem / How To Read A Poem” with translations into Spanish, Filipino, and Romanian

Leila Tualla: “[Immigration:]” and “[Bubbles,]”

Glynda “GT” Velasco: “DOWN THERE”

Jean Vengua: “PEARL,” “SENSORS,” “Intermittent Variable Rewards,” and “On Forgetting”

Audrey Ward: “[If],” “[To],” “[Parisian],” “[Presence],” and “[Hearts]”

Mark Young (with translator Francisco José Craveiro de Carvalho): “The Shrug,” “Eyes of jet,” and, with translation into Portuguese, “Bun(ra)ku hay(na)ku”   
“Hay(na)ku / Sci(na)ku—Six-Word Poetry,” essay by Lauren McBride with her poems and the poems of the first “sci(na)ku” author, Martin Tomlinson


About the Poets

II.  Spanish Translations of Poems from The First Hay(na)ku Anthology*
      Traducciones En Español de La Primera Antología de Hay(na)kus

Editor’s Note / Nota del editor

About the Seminar / Biografía del grupo

About the Translators / Biografìa de los traductores

Hay(na)ku Poems Translated to Spanish / Hay(na)kus traducidos al español

About the Poets from The First Hay(na)ku Anthology / Sobre los poetas en The First Hay(na)ku Anthology


* The Table of Contents does not list the poets translated from the now out-of-print The First Hay(na)ku Anthology. They are represented in Spanish:

Ivy Alvarez
Tom Beckett
Collaboration by Tom Beckett, Eileen R. Tabios & Mark Young
Raymond Calbay
Michael Chmielecki
Nicholas Downing
Jilly Dybka
Monica Fauble
Thomas Fink
Thomas & Maya Mason Fink
Craig Freeman
Michael Helsem
Crag Hill
Jill Jones
Kirsten Kaschock
Rachael Kendrick
Karri Kokko
Tucker Leiberman
Andrew Lundwall
Sandy McIntosh
Sheila E. Murphy
Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Shin Yu Pai
Vincent Ponka
Ernesto Priego
Francis Raven
Barbara Jane Reyes
Jay Rosevear
Radhey Shiam
harry k stammer
Eileen R. Tabios
Collaboration by Jean Vengua, harry k stammer & Mark Young
Jean Vengua
Dan Waber
David C. Whiteman
Tanya Williamson
James A. Wren
Mark Young

English to Spanish translators: Argel Corpus, Alfredo Villegas Montejo, Rebeka Lembo, Aurelio Meza, Luis Felipe Alvarez Leon, Alvaro Garcia, Itzel Rivas Victoria, Alejandra Navarrete Zendejas, Liliana Andrade, Maria Gonzalez de Leon, Ernesto Acosta Sandoval and Melisa Larios Luna

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