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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge -- and acknowledge my love for -- Anne Gorrick's fabulous response to one of my poems, "I Forgot A Gorilla Could Be Fingerprinted." Anne read the poem in AMNESIA: Somebody's Memoir, and wrote a poem of the same title but remixed in her wonderfully wide-ranging way -- you can see the poem HERE at Quail Bell Magazine, but here's an excerpt, its opening:

A front-projected diety with laser-based fingers, the fifth episode of the sixth season, finished in silver foil = Space and Music and Films and Aliens and stuff.   I forget how smart you are.  The door is locked.   Render images that, even to the naked eye, seem to float in space.  Find tickets for Ivy Dye / Pool Holograph / The Local Void.  Tickets starting at $5.  The night in its performance thaws vaudevillians and holographic pop stars, appears in the dust of an automobile hood.  The next moment the client is screaming, "I forgot, I forgot, I totally forgot that I had a head-on collision at that age.”  Information about each small image is scattered throughout this text.  In the future there will be only holographic anime pop stars, teleporting entities with weird eyes that are well, weird.   The mass must be completely described as on the surface of the sphere.  The mass must be forgotten.  The most common reason clients report not using their coping skills is simply, “I forgot.”  You're able to enter a game, story, faraway locale or learning environment, recently proposed in these optical remote sensing applications.  Memories could be a residual element to what electricity suggests.  There was a weird "Ah…I forgot I was wearing holographic clothes." A repatterning for the next day.

Thank you so much, Anne! You're an ideal poem's reader!

The referenced Gorilla poem, btw, first appeared in that wonderful Belladonna chaplet series under the chap title The Estrus Gaze(s) in 2005. Which is to say, it's surely wonderful to see a poem receive such support! Thank you, Universe.

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