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Saturday, December 16, 2017


This is A Call for THE ANTHOLOGY THAT WRITES ITSELF, which would be poets writing poems addressing the Administration's ban of 7 words. I wrote one which was swiftly accepted for publication. Read the article, Poet, if you haven't already, and poem-ize away. My poem, structured partly around a dialogue with a visiting family friend Harry, ends with

“Really?” Harry asks. “Who can protect
from                                               light?”


In that science based on evidence, fragility
is not the domain only of the vulnerable, like
the fetus. Nor is transgender a synonym for
weakness. Diversity’s inescapable reality
will burn down the castle walls of entitlement
No one can be protected from light


DEADLINE: Dec. 23. Send to, or ask questions of, me at galateaten@gmail.com

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