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Friday, July 7, 2017


I'm pleased to share MANHATTAN's first review! And it's part of a cityscapes compendium by Brianne Alphonso over at Jacket2. Here's an excerpt:
Though titled Manhattan, this collection is not about the city so much as the people who inhabit a “make-believe” location of cultural moshing. Tabios begins with an index of urban artifacts — a yoga mat, a piece of pineapple skin, a bottle of Seconal, a hundred-dollar bill — and follows this chain through the nuanced characters of her poetry. What we get in Manhattan: An Archeology is a snapshot of faces: the privileged, the immigrants, the dead who still trudge to work, and the fluctuating smiles of the blissfully lost. The text explores “camouflage identity” in a place of amalgamation, where sense of self fractures and is pieced artificially together again. Tabios shifts her poetic form, dallying in prose and art, to create the “possibility instability promised-land of a huge city.”
—Brianne Alphonso, Jacket2, July 2017
Perhaps this may interest you in MANHATTAN's Pre-Release Offer -- I'm 50% off!

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