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Friday, September 5, 2014


"The book amounts to a powerful (and polyvocal) meditation on orphanhood, adoption, parenthood, education, the poetics of language acquisition, and multiple authorship.  It’s both lyrically intense and structurally adventurous."

That's Michael Leong on 147 MILLION ORPHANS.  His full engagement is HERE.

The review also occasioned me to explore his site of stalactites.  and I stumbled across his "News that Stays Newz, or How I Spent Bad Poetry Day.”  His article meanders into his spending time with the hay(na)ku...and I was amused (and gratified) to see him call it "like the tip of an Oulipian 'snowball'"!  As Michael is familiar with and has created wonderful works from constraint-based writing, I was cheered to read such -- thank you, Michael Leong!  (And click on links, Peeps -- the articles are interesting!)

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