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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Erin Virgil thanked me for my Galatea Resurrects review of her poems. She gave me a D. As in the letter "D" for Dorje Drolo, a Tibetan deity who purifies with wrath. 

The image is from ABCDharma, her work-in-progress of giant paintings of Buddhist concepts and deities. In Erin's words: "The man under the tiger represents ego, being overcome. The Dorje in his hand is indestructible, meteoric iron (dor=stone, je=king in Sanskrit).  Other hand holds a katvanga, and the five skulls on his head are the five skandas, which he has overcome (they're also known as the five hindrances, the blocks to enlightenment)."  

Anyway, I'm happy to share the image before I go off looking for someone to purify with wrath...


  1. this is fantastic and made my eyes turn into stars

    pls dnt prfy me wth wrth

  2. Rebecca, I would only ply you with sweet, fragrant petals...