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Friday, June 13, 2014


A chap of the first 44 poems pouring out of the MDR Poetry Generator was accepted for publication within an hour after the manuscript was submitted.  Huh.  I guess he was online when the chap was submitted but the quick response still made me check if the publisher owed me money or sex. But, no.  So, I guess it's gotta be the poems.  'Twill be titled 44 RESURRECTIONS.

(Everything about MURDER DEATH & RESURRECTION is so ... quick!)

I feel cigar ashes dropping on my beleaguered head.  I hear the poetry muse-angels cackling.  Off to find a broom to javelin up at their corner of the ceiling ...

Watch for it, Tom Beckett.  The dedication page reads:

for Tom Beckett
who I remember
once wrote

“Writing is an advanced form of forgetting”

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  1. Thank you, Eileen. What an honor! Can't wait to read your poems.