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Wednesday, January 1, 2020


2020 is the year I embark on my "Tsundoku Dilution Project." Tsundoku is the Japanese term related to buying books which will lie about the house unread. As my To-Read stacks glower and they continue to rise, I decided not to buy a single new book in 2020 and simply read through the glowering stacks.

...which is to say, I had to visit a bookstore in the last day of 2019 so I'd have one last shot at buying a new book! I visited Bookmine Mainstreet, appreciated its window display of snowflakes crafted from what looks like upcycled book pages, and bought this:

Based on the jacket side copy, looks like a book that's just perfect for Moi! Looking forward to Optic Nerve by Maria Gainza, Trans. by Thomas Bunstead!  And, see you in 2021, dear booksellers!

For 2020, you can check my progress with the glowering book stacks HERE.

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  1. As I contemplate the rows and piles of books in my study, I feel like I understand your resolve not to purchase any new books in 2020, but it's a resolution I would never be able to keep. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of OPTIC NERVE. It sounds like something I should read in the coming year. Happy New Year.