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Monday, December 30, 2019


I’d like to share some books that will never appear in Best-Of, Recommended, Popular, etc Lists: my books. We can discuss (elsewhere) why I avoid these Lists as much as they avoid me, but Moi will allow moiself this exercise:

In 2019, I released only four poetry collections:

The In(ter)vention of the Hay(na)ku: Selected Tercets 1996-2019 (Marsh Hawk Press, https://eileenrtabios.com/poetry/the-intervention-of-the-haynaku/)

Witness in the Convex Mirror (TinFish Press, https://eileenrtabios.com/poetry/the-ashbery-rif-offs/)

THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL: Selected Visual Poetry 2001-2019 (Paloma Press, https://eileenrtabios.com/poetry/the-great-american-novel-selected-visual-poetry-2001-2019/)

Evocare: Tankas, with Ayo Gutierrez and Bianca Nagac [my Collected Tankas] (GMGA Entertainment Productions, https://eileenrtabios.com/poetry/evocare-tankas/)

I jump in to join authors celebrating what they’ve done in the past year—or the past decade—because I stumbled across the LitHub article that reveals this decade to be ruled by the Best-Selling 50 Shades of Gray and saw Non-Fiction Dominate Fiction—I was amazed by this statistic: in 2010, nearly 80% of top-selling titles were fiction, and by 2019 that percentage dropped to 32%. (Needless to say, never mind re the poetry.)

So even as I glower from the ongoing drumbeats of change in the background, from this same Decade of Deterioration (on so many fronts), I thank the Muses for helping me buck trends—the trend as one of the strangle-holds on creativity:

Behind the Blue Canvas, 2004
SILK EGG: Collected Novels 2009-2009, 2011

The Empty Flagpole (CD with guest artist Mei-mei Berssenbrugge), 2000
Ecstatic Mutations (with short stories and essays), 2001 
Reproductions of The Empty Flagpole, 2002
Enheduanna in the 21st Century, 2002
There, Where the Pages Would End, 2003
Menage a Trois With the 21st Century, 2004
Crucial Bliss Epilogues, 2004
The Estrus Gaze(s), 2005
Songs of the Colon, 2005
Post Bling Bling, 2005
I Take Thee, English, For My Beloved, 2005
The Secret Lives of Punctuations, Vol. I, 2006
Dredging for Atlantis, 2006
It’s Curtains, 2006
SILENCES: The Autobiography of Loss, 2007
The Singer and Others: Flamenco Hay(na)ku, 2007
The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes: Our Autobiography, 2007
Nota Bene Eiswein, 2009
Footnotes to Algebra: Uncollected Poems 1995-2009, 2009
On A Pyre: An Ars Poetica, 2010
Roman Holiday, 2010
Hay(na)ku for Haiti, 2010
THE THORN ROSARY: Selected Prose Poems and New 1998-2010, 2010
the relational elations           of ORPHANED ALGEBRA (with j/j hastain), 2012
5 Shades of Gray, 2012
THE AWAKENING: A Long Poem Triptych & A Poetics Fragment, 2013
147 Million Orphans (MMXI-MML), 2014
SUN STIGMATA (Sculpture Poems), 2014
I Forgot Light Burns, 2015
Duende in the Alleys, 2015
INVENT(ST)ORY: Selected Catalog Poems & New (1996-2015), 2015
The Connoisseur of Alleys, 2016
The Gilded Age of Kickstarters, 2016
Excavating the Filipino in Me, 2016
I Forgot Ars Poetica, 2016
AMNESIA: Somebody’s Memoir, 2016
THE OPPOSITE OF CLAUSTROPHOBIA: Prime’s Anti-Autobiography, 2017
Post-Ecstasy Mutations, 2017
On Green Lawn, The Scent of White, 2017
To Be An Empire Is To Burn, 2017
If They Hadn’t Worn White Hoods … (with John Bloomberg-Rissman), 2017
What Shivering Monks Comprehend, 2017
YOUR FATHER IS BALD: Selected Hay(na)ku Poems, 2017
IMMIGRANT: Hay(na)ku & Other Poems In A New Land, 2017
Comprehending Mortality (with John Bloomberg-Rissman), 2017
Big City Cante Intermedio, 2017
WINTER ON WALL STREET: A Novella-in-Verse, 2017
Making National Poetry Month Great Again, 2017
MANHATTAN: An Archaeology, 2017
Love In A Time of Belligerence, 2017
TANKA, Vol. I, 2018
HIRAETH: Tercets From The Last Archipelago, 2018
One, Two, Three: Selected Hay(na)ku Poems (Trans. Rebeka Lembo), 2018
THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL: Selected Visual Poetry 2001-2019, 2019
The In(ter)vention of the Hay(na)ku: Selected Tercets 1996-2019, 2019
Witness in the Convex Mirror, 2019
Evocare: Selected Tankas (with Ayo Gutierrez and Bianca Nagac), 2019

My Romance (art essays with poems), 2002 
The Blind Chatelaine’s Keys (biography with haybun), 2008 
AGAINST MISANTHROPY: A Life in Poetry (2015-1995), 2015
#EileenWritesNovel, 2017


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