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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


... and we all know that world jetsetter "hay(na)ku"! Now, it's been picked up by poet-visual artist Toni Twong. I post some of her works below, including a moving one written for her Dad. Then she sent me one of  her artworks and I riffed off some hay(na)ku in response and post that too! Twas previously posted on Facebook's CANVAS TO MY SOUL site that presents poetry, art, photography and music!

Here's a moving one Toni wrote for her father Dana Turner:

This one made my old heart laugh:

And here's our collaboration -- Toni sent me a rose and I riffed offa my middle name!

Lastly, this isn't a hay(na)ku but I like it --

Thanks Toni!

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  1. I again want to thank you Eileen... You are an amazing person I am happy to have met. You are welcome and have a beautiful day.