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Sunday, February 10, 2019


So grateful to Datableed, and editors Juha and Eleanor, for publishing images of my hay(na)ku sculptures involving the circle and the line. You’ll notice that the shadowboxes are made of cartons (they usually carry my cases of dog food). That I recycled them into sculptures reflect the inspiration of Mel Vera Cruz’s artworks that recyle cardboard and cardboard boxes (relatedly, his 2017 such series will be North Fork Arts ProjectsMarch exhibition!). I’ve long wanted to make shadowbox art from a lot of emptied wine cases, some of which are quite fancy wood with etched images. But I kept that as an idea for years until I thought about the more mundane—more honest—utilitarian cardboard box. Thanks Mel for the inspiration!
This issue also features the works of -- and I'm so honored by the company -- Jasmine Gibson, Laura Elliott, Travis Lau, Kat Sinclair, Daniel Spicer, Azad Ashim Sharma, Karen Sandhu, Ava Hofmann, Carol Watts, Nasim Luczaj, Peter Myers, Christina Chalmers, al anderson, Fred Spoliar, Jazmine Linklater, L Kiew, Flo Reynolds, Tam Blaxter, Tom Betteridge, Lucia Sellars, Konstantin Rega, Kashif Sharma-Patel, Maria Damon & Alan Sondheim, Lisa Samuels, Alison Rumfitt, Nathan Walker, Lotte L.S, Kyle Booten, Aodán McCardle, Sara Matson, Allen Fisher, Katie Schaag, Eileen R. Tabios, David Greaves, hiromi suzuki, David Grundy, Jeff Hilson, TR Brady, and Katy Lewis Hood. 


Elsewhere, Claude Nguyen continues to create visual  hay(na)ku magic! I particularly love this radiant work entitled "space debris":

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