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Friday, June 1, 2018


"reading this poem shows to me that we have let the colonizers win because they have made us forget about our culture, identity and home" 
"The third [line] means that there is a battle to becoming something, the last meant that not everything turns out the way it seems" 
"When I reread the poem, I can sense a heartbreak or also a feeling of lowliness. This emerges memories with my mother..."

The most recent school year just ended and I just received copies of "extra credit" papers some students from Sonoma State University had written after and through MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION (MDR). It's a moment of bliss for me -- proving that something I conceived more than five years ago had something valuable at its core. When you see some snippets of some of the papers below, I hope you will be encouraged to (1) explore MDR, and (2) use it in one of your courses if you're a teacher (I've brought MDR to both high school and college level classes). As regards the latter, I also note that MDR clearly applies to a potential reading universe that's not just located in creative writing (this class was in humanities) -- for it's not so much about writing as it is about reading (and introducing poetry, as one student said). Of course, to write well often means to read so it's also applicable for teaching writing ... Please enjoy these photos with me (click on all photos to enlarge):

For order info: Small Press Distribution, Dos Madres, East Wind Books, among others.

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