Eileen R. Tabios is a poet working in multiple genres and in-between. She also loves books by writing, reading, publishing, critiquing, romancing and advocating for them. This blog will feature her bibliophilic activities with posts on current book engagements and links to her books and projects related to books.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Chris Mansel over at The Daily Art Source has been generous enough to do reviews of three of my recent books.  I'm moved and grateful.  And as my poet-buddy Mark Young once said about reviews, one of the best and most interesting parts is seeing which poem(s) gets the reviewer's attention. On this matter, I am usually (pleasantly) surprised.  Thanks Chris!

For SUN STIGMATA's review, can go HERE for the entire review but here's an excerpt:
You have to admire the fluidity in the way Tabios writes. In another poem entitled Jade, she writes, "No need to turn the urn/to realize I no longer believe/ in the humility of monks." This is fitting. She is out there, where Hemingway spoke of, Sun Stigmata is like applying perfume to the pulse on your wrist and neck. The constant vibration of these words will radiate,and burst from the palms of your hands. This is a volume that is necessary. The sun gives life and so does good writing.


For INVENT(ST)ORY's review, you can go HERE for the entire review but here's an excerpt:
Ms Tabios has put together a very handsome collection of her work spanning from 1989 to 2015. "Drink nothing but the liquid from a pigeon's egg for 40 days." That is one of the many footnotes you will find in this fascinating book...


For AGAINST MISANTHROPY's review, you can go HERE for the entire review but here's an excerpt:
Eileen Tabios is a writer who cares about the reader.  Against Misanthropy is really in my opinion, and that is all this is after all, a gift to those who buy her books. 


The Daily Art Source is also looking for more poetry books to review!  Go HERE, click on CONTACT and contact them if you have a review copy to share!


  1. Do you have anthology written in Filipino? I have some haikus too. I am trying to learn about your hay(na)ku.

  2. I'm sorry to say that I don't have an all-Filipino anthology as I'm no longer fluent due to immigration as a child. I do try to include Filipino poems here and there but the bulk of my work is in English. Here is a link to the hay(na)ku: http://eileenrtabios.com/haynaku/
    It may be helpful to you to get one of the hay(na)ku anthologies, like Vol. II. Info is on link.
    Thanks for your interest, Eileen