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Friday, December 27, 2013


I recently read a very interesting book, LIVING AND SUSTAINING A CREATIVE LIFE: ESSAYS BY 40 WORKING ARTISTS, edited by the brilliant artist and, based on my few interactions with her, lovely person Sharon Louden.  Her book basically interviews artists on how they support themselves -- which is to say, how they support themselves FINANCIALLY as well.

Art and money--specifically making art and making money--is a tricky topic for many reasons and so I was fascinated by, and grateful to, the artists who were willing to share this aspect of their lives.  And the topic, when addressed fully, became more than about money-making but also the implications for how one lives as an artist.

The book also made me think about doing a similar project for poets.  I don’t know if its manifestation would be an anthology like what Sharon edited.  But I thought I’d start by seeing the possibilities in it through a three-question interview that I plan to post intermittently on this blog.  I plan to send these questions to poets, encouraging them to answer in any way they choose:

1)  You are a poet.  How do you make money to survive?

2)  How does your choice affect your process of making your poems?

3)  What would you consider to be the pros and cons of how you have earned your income? 

If you are a poet interested in participating in this series, feel free to email Moi at that place whose library I'm attempting to resurrect:  Nalanda10@aol.com

I will present your answers with a sample poem and list of your books with links, if any.

Eileen Tabios


John Bloomberg-Rissman

Erin Virgil

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