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Saturday, August 16, 2014


          wanted to 
          break the language 

heard the 
sounds at dawn

         -from "Conform" by William Allegrezza

Delighted to be spending time going through the manuscript of what looks to be the sixth full-length, single-author hay(na)ku book.  This will be PORT LIGHT by William Allegrezza.

It’ll come on the heels of Ernesto Priego’s NOT EVEN DOGS, John Bloomberg-Rissman’s NO SOUNDS OF MY OWN MAKING as well as FLUX, CLOT & FROTH, Scott Keeney's SAPPHO DOES HAY(NA)KU, and, as a hay(na)ku derivation my own 147 MILLION ORPHANS which is an all-haybun collection.  According to the Hay(na)ku Bibliography, there’s another full-length hay(na)ku collection out there in manuscript-form that came out of a visual poetry class taught by Nick Carbo at University of Miami: But I don’t think that manuscript has been published (yet).  So I'm happy to see Bill come through!  Hay(na)ku -- you travel the world and have staying power!

Here's another from Bill, an "on point hay(na)ku:

does not 
dance on watch


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