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Friday, January 2, 2015


I got a little emotional when I read this new review of SUN STIGMATA.  It's by Joey Madia and posted over at New Mystics Reviews (and Book Masons).  And I was so moved because I realized, reading it, that there was this person who'd followed my work for 12 years ever since I released my first poetry collection in the U.S.*  For a poet to witness such commitment by a reader is a blessing, yes, but also a rarity.  So when I say, "Thank You" to Joey, it's not just gratitude for the review but for the committed engagement with my poems.

So, again, thank you Joey Madia for reading me a decade ago and still being around, thus, not only able to review any particular book but a poet's often invisible trajectory.  A paragraph like the following excerpt is not possible by a first-time or one-time reviewer, and I'm grateful to see it:

Another thread I have followed through Tabios’ publications has been the dynamic tension between affluence (banking and finance, pearls and furs and gems judged upon their hardness) and Diaspora, orphans, and despair and challenge tied to place. The poems of Sun Stigmata bring these subjects forth with a tangible power. It is up to the reader to find unity in disparity; to be the catalyst in an alchemical transaction (a hieros gamos) that rises beyond Reality into the etheric realms where the nigredo of our art is born(e).

The entire review HERE.


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