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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Poet Paul Pines is also a psychotherapist and former Merchant Seaman, some context for this lovely email he recently sent regarding 44 RESURRECTIONS

"Reading your "44 Resurrections," I thought of one of the ideas I am playing with as a talk to follow my reading of "Fishing on the Pole Star," called "Trolling with the Fisher King." It seems to me that fishing, trying to hook important unconscious content and bring it to light, the split-off parts of one's self, etc., is to recognize that what you catch returns to darkness--since the fish disappears back into the depths, we are also reminded of the dictum that the unconscious both wants to become conscious but also does not wish it. (Jung) So it was with Isis gathering the parts of Osiris, and Eileen making the process central to the details of her life. Unforgettable!

Yes, the process matters mucho to me.  Thank you, Paul.  (And those who actually read moi resurrections will understand the significance of his compliment, Unforgettable!)

And may I also recommend this interesting conversation between Paul and Jon Curley at THE CONVERSANT!  It ends with the poem “ORACLE” that I excerpt here with much agreement for its sentiment:

… be kind
Art is letting
All your senses
All books will
Be written

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