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Sunday, July 27, 2014


As I'm putting my Fall book SUN STIGMATA to (printing) bed, I'm also editing a new manuscript with a new-to-me publisher awaiting it.  That'd be my 28th poetry/multi-genre collection.  And so I announce its title:


Someone just asked me about my prolificness and I replied it's not about the number of books.  Those books just manifest what my work demands I explore: SCALE.

Scale: there's a certain type of work made possible only by prolonged attention and while that approach generates a lot of books (I'll have done 3 in 2014), that's just a side-effect.  I'm just paying attention to what (my) work demands, and it voraciously demands a huge scale.  That's why, if one looks at my editing, one can see a page like this as much as edited text:

In AMNESIA's case, you see, I'm also working with balancing said scale ...

I know I'm blessed to keep finding book publishers.  And it's partly because if 27 manuscripts piled up in my drawers (pun intended) instead of finding their way out to the world, I'd be suffering the imbalance of constipation.  Nuff said.

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