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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Yes, the word "kitchen" is not usually associated with Moi.  Anyway, I've been trying, somewhat, to clear up my e-files and stumbled across these photos of a present once given me by stellar poet Sandy Mcintosh and his lovely wife Barbara.  It's a set of five kitchen towels -- presumably, if I draped them in line cross the oven bar where I hang kitchen towels, they would spell out my poem "Wind Falls" in the chained hay(na)ku form.  What a lovely birthday present that was from Sandy, also a poet-chef.

The poem is also from one of my Marsh Hawk Press books, either THIS or THIS.  I can't recall at the moment so feel free to look it up yourself (insert Smiley).  

So relatedly, last week, my son was hungry and asked, "Mom, can you buy me something please?"  A reference, no doubt, to our local supermarket which has a fine deli.  Now, most children might phrase that request as "Mom, can you cook me something?" or "Mom, can you make me something?"  My son, though, has figured out that I rarely cook and thus asked the question appropriately.  While I appreciated his insight, I was struck a bit by it (is that maternal guilt?  Off with ye!) ... and thought yesterday that I should actually COOK something.  So at the risk of giving him a heart attack, I cooked him lunch.  Here's what I made!

Yes, let's all pause for a bit to appreciate its loveliness.  Oh, you would like the recipe?!  Well of course I'll share!  What am I but not Ms. Generosity when it comes to sharing knowledge?!  Recipe: Open two cans of Light Progresso chicken-based soups -- "Light" because I am also a health-conscious chef.  I used Chicken Noodle and Chicken Rice.  Then, just about two minutes before they would finish heating up, I put in a package of frozen won ton.  Heat, Stir, and Serve with Much Love!

My son's reaction?  "Yum!"  SCO....O......O.....ORE!!!!

And if my recipe doesn't impress you, let me tell you what I told my son, "Feel free to complain when you notice I don't cook up three books a year anymore..."

P.S.  I just belatedly realized: I guess that Sandy was funning me when he chose to give me kitchen towels...

...though he is poet enough to also give me Red Roses ... Thank you, Sandy.

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