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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Deep gratitude to Valerie Morton and The Poetry Shed for its review of The Opposite of Claustrophobia: Prime's Anti-Autobiography. Among its stellar elements, the review explains the (sub)title!  You can see entire review HERE but here's an excerpt:
The very words in this collection seem to breathe – 
I forgot I saw a city breathing beyond the window 
I forgot the musk of evenings quivering into post-elegance 
I forgot a sarong fell and a river blushed 
I forgot a girl singing as she smooched the sun ….. 
The poetry of Eileen Tabios invites us to look at what it truly means to be part of the human race, not merely a fragment of it. Challenging in its width and breadth, I would highly recommend this collection – it is at the same time startling and unnerving, not always comfortable reading, but every page/every line is an adventure in itself. If you are prepared to travel with her you will be astonished at her creativity and will close the last page wanting more: 
I forgot the perfume of fresh bread outside a panetteria, the vinegary tang floating from a wine shop, heaven as the scent of roasting coffee from a grocer, and the necesssary reminder of those different from us through the stench of street drains

Also, the book is published in the U.K. but it also just got listed on Amazon.

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