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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I've long admired Halvard Johnson.  He's "pure" as regards his love for poetry.  I still remember an old project of his where he just sent favored poems to a personal email list.  That's just love, just like other editing projects like ON BARCELONA.  I also remember first meeting him and his partner Lynda Schor in person.  I think it was the ridiculous AWP -- he asked me for some poems and, youth and ridiculous youth that I was, I blurted out that my poems were "difficult" for most.  They replied such wasn't a problem for them ... and it hasn't been indeed given their receptivity.

I note ON BARCELONA as this December is its last month, even though its archives will remain online.  This journal, simply but elegantly framed on Blogger, has had a great run since its inception in January 2012.  So, THANK YOU, Hal!

And I'm proud that my poem "DREDGING FOR ATLANTIS" is part of their last month.  I can't think of a better home for it.

And you -- have you thanked a poet-editor today?

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