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Sunday, June 18, 2017


My next book, MANHATTAN: An Archaeology, is one of my most beautifully produced books, thanks to the wonderful artists behind Paloma Press. It includes color art, which means its 128 pages are produced on this glossy paper--thus, explaining its $40.00 retail price, a price level I don't usually recommend for poetry paperbacks. Fortunately, Paloma Press is offering a 50% discount for a SPECIAL PRE-RELEASE OFFER (the book is due to be released Oct. 1).  Here are the details, which you also can see HERE:

Paloma Press, an independent literary press established in 2016, is pleased to announce A PRE-RELEASE SPECIAL OFFER for the press’ second poetry collection, MANHATTAN: An Archaeology by award-winning poet Eileen R. Tabios. While MANHATTAN will not be officially released until this Fall, we are now open to taking orders at a special discounted price. The book’s PRE-RELEASE Price is $20, a 50% discount from its retail price of $40. You can take advantage of the Pre-Release Offer by sending a check for $20 per book or by ordering with Paypal. Email editor@palomapress.net for information.
I hope this book is of interest. (I do believe it's relevant to both New Yorkers AND non-New Yorkers).

Relatedly, if anyone would like to review the book, drop me an email at galateaten@gmail.com

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