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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Living in indigenous time means I'm global. So I was up past midnight proofing the pages sent from Romania for my first bilingual edition, I FORGOT ARS POETICA / AM UITAT ARTA POETICĂ. I'm very pleased with the job they're doing--here's my front cover. Design was their decision and they put a grave on it. Perfectly fine with me--I try not to challenge how others read my poems. I'll also share the back cover where they chose to highlight from and old (and lovely) review by the generous Anny Ballardini. Very grateful to the translators from the Univ. of Bucharest -- I shall cherish you always Roxana Doncu, Teodor Panait, Elena Ţăpean, Gabriela Apetrei, and Iulia Andreea Anghel. Good morning and I'm off to bed!

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