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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The Philippines just held its elections, electing a President who's been described as possessing dictatorial tendencies, and the son of Ferdinand Marcos being a close second in the Vice Presidential race (in the Philippines the races for President and Vice President are conducted individually/separately).  This makes all the more timely the following list (the link is a Facebook link):

A Working List of Martial Law Literature

About my inclusion, I said on Facebook:
I AM VERY PROUD TO BE PART OF THIS LIST. In poetry I have only one loyalty and it's not to a particular community, country, political bent or trends concocted within the so-called literary industrial complex. Having said that, it would have been ridiculous for a writer of my age and roots not to be on this list. I actually have an unpublished short story manuscript on this theme -- I say that only to stress that this poet of Beauty does not believe she lives in a vacuum. I am very proud to be on this list.

I represent through the following poems and short stories -- and am proud to represent:

“List(ing) Poem: Towards the New Filipino Society” by Eileen Tabios  (1)
“My City of Baguio” by Eileen Tabios  (2 and 3)

“The Rebel’s Son” by Eileen Tabios  (4)

“What Can A Daughter Say?” by Eileen Tabios (2 and 3)

“Negros” by Eileen R. Tabios

“Force Majeure” by Eileen Tabios

“The Man in a White Suit” by Eileen Tabios

“Redeeming Memory” by Eileen Tabios


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