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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Patrick Rosal is not just a talented poet but also a wonderful visual artist.  Not just great poetic lines but a fabulous visual line. I love this B-Boy drawing he sent me--Agyamanack unay, Patrick!

Reminded, too, of the Otoliths poet-editor issue I curated wherein Patrick participated and said this:
"I’m an aging b-boy, a once-upon-a-time eighties hip-hop DJ, apprentice to the pause button, who stayed awake for days on end, knelt in front of two makeshift belt-drive turntables, blending, cutting, scratching together just about anything I could find on wax. I’m, therefore, compelled, as a poet and as an editor, by projects that weld together the unlikely, that suggest unusual relationships. that make use of what we got. I’m trusting that excellence is, in fact, democratic, and I hope that readerships and audiences see something of themselves in the syncretic, the tensions between the mundane and the extraordinary. The act of reading, as a result, become a kind of celebration, in company, in solitude, a gathering, (a dancefloor turned chapel, or the latter’s reversion to the former), a reunion (I like to think) of faraway affections. To edit : To offer. In short, the possibilities of cramped, yellow kitchens—a gift of cathedrals."

The entire wondrous interview HERE.

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