Eileen R. Tabios is a poet working in multiple genres and in-between. She also loves books by writing, reading, publishing, critiquing, romancing and advocating for them. This blog will feature her bibliophilic activities with posts on current book engagements and links to her books and projects related to books.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


This anthology, edited by Ivy Alvarez, is a rather unique collection of poems inspired by "Twin Peaks" and then offered as a slice of cherry pie.  I have no idea what that means -- but if you are inspired to read it viz Amazon Kindle, the collection originally published in print in 2006 has just been reissued as an e-book.  Check it out HERE!

Poets featured are  Emilie Zoey Baker, Jilly Dybka, Collin Kelley, Elena Knox, Jared Leising, Daniel Lloyd, Siobhan Logan, Eileen Tabios, Maureen Thorson, Andrew J Wilson and Maike Zock.  (My featured poem is part of my book THE SECRET LIVES OF PUNCTUATIONS, VOL. I.)

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