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Saturday, September 13, 2014


My beloved Marsh Hawk Press has put up the book page for SUN STIGMATA -- it says it will be released in December but I hope to get my own copies in October or November.  It's hardcover, thus pricey for some of you at $24 -- I'm sensitive to that.  So while I certainly would be appreciative if you bought it at full retail, here are three other ways to get a copy:

1) do a review for the next issue of Galatea Resurrects.  Deadline is Nov. 10.  Information on that HERE.

2) tell me this month you'd like a copy and I'll share my author discount with you so that you can acquire it at 50% off; email me if you'd like to avail yourself of this opportunity.

3) Any book editor or an editor of a literary journal that's previously published my poems can get a comp copy if you are interested, as my thanks for your past support.  Email me your address if you'd like to avail yourself of this opportunity.

Poetry--it ain't retail and I'm not a mall.

(P.S.  Well, poetry can be anything so I suppose it could be retail.  And I'm sick so I could be a mall....but this is a different story for another day...)

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