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Saturday, May 9, 2020


I’m a new member of the Miniature Book Society and I was nominated to post 7 books for MBS’ Facebook page. "Miniature" books are sized at 3-4 inches or less. I’ll be replicating the posts on this blog for the next 7 days.

DAY 7/7  My favorite miniature book covers

My favorite miniature book covers

I’ve been sharing books by some of today’s contemporary poets. My 7th presentation involves one of my poems but focuses on contemporary sculptor/storyteller Raelinda Woad. She creates gorgeous metal-based books which lend themselves to jewelry and the second-to-last image shows some from my collection of her works. Raelinda’s works interest me because she also used her small sculptures to bind her short stories. Her materials include steel, brass, etched glass, opals, and sea glass. The particular book I present is where she used one of her sculptures to bind one of my prose poems, “Returning The Borrowed Tongue.” Her pages all unfold in the accordion format and her books are sized at 
1.25” X 1” X .25”. An exception, as shown on last image, is her 1” x 1” dragonfly series of books all containing the word “Peace” in 14 languages.

Today I nominate any new member of MBS. I love seeing all the books already shared, AND I’m also interested in the *gateway* books—those that made you discover mini books or the first books you’re collecting. Some of the books I’m posting, for example, were created before I knew that miniature books were a thing. So I nominate MBS New Member #7.
This is a challenge for contributing to the spread of reading culture. The method of participation is to post a favorite book, one book per day, for 7 days. You upload some images with a short explanation about the book and invite one FB friend to participate in this challenge.

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