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Saturday, November 9, 2019


As the year approaches its end, I've had to make the final decision. Galatea Resurrects' sabbatical will become permanent (http://grarchives.blogspot.com)--I think that Galatea R. has had its moment under the sun. And, actually, that project lasted years longer than I anticipated it would. So, I thank all the volunteer reviewers and authors and publishers who've participated in this idealistic endeavor--the reviews will be available for as long as the internet exists at http://galatearesurrects.blogspot.com We are extremely proud of Galatea R.'s unique ability to spotlight independent presses where we personally feel much of the advanced forms of poetry thrive.

As well, stellar editor John Bloomberg-Rissman and I had been preparing an encyclopedia-length Selected version of Galatea Resurrects. We've both agreed to defer the project--a print version simply is antithetical to the freeloading (pun intended) spirit of Galatea who wants open access to its engagements. So let its reviews/engagements/poetry remain in the cloud versus land on land. Let the trees remain on land.

Trees surround the real-life Galatea on earth. And it bears a house stuffed with books of poetry--all of which has been or will be read. May that thought gladden your day.

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  1. Eileen,
    Thank you for the work you did with Galatea. It was, and is, a great resource.