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Monday, December 31, 2018


As of Jan. 1, I began tracking the following stats on a daily basis:

--how many poems I wrote and/or edited
--how many poems I read
--how many poetry chapbooks and/or books I read
--other media that relates to poetry, e.g. audios and videos

On Facebook, where I post my daily list, my favorite comment was from witty Melinda de Jesus who said, “They’re like a FitBit for poetry…” My daily posts can look like this entry:

1/7/18: Today
I wrote zero poems.
I read 6 poems and 1 poetry book.

That’s it. No names, which is why I’m posting below the names of poets whose works I read. I name them, whether I read a single poem or an entire book by them. January's reading is HERE, February's reading is HERE, March's reading is HERE, April's reading is HERE, May's reading is HERE, June's reading is HEREJuly's reading is HERE, August's reading is HERE, September's reading is HERE, October's reading is HERE, and November's reading is HERE.

These poets make up December's reading (translators are also included):


“Unknown Ancient Mexican Poet [who first wrote in Nahuatl]”
Jonel Abellanosa
Ivy Alvarez
Billy T. Antonio
Rosaire Appel
Cesar Aquino
Sacha Archer
W.H. Auden
Joi Barrios
Brian Beatty
Derek Beaulieu
Tom Beckett
John M. Bennett
May Bery
Wendell Berry
Richard James Biddle
Johannes S.H. Bjerg
Rachel Ida Buff
Kai Carlson-Wee
Rob Carney
Aileen Cassinetto
Ye Chun
Suzanne Cleary
Fran Comesanas
CA Conrad
Cid Corman
Gregory Corso
Ray Craig
Mary Dacorro
Mabi David
Shira Dentz
Jim D. Deuchars
Christophere Deweese
Emily Dickinson
Sonia di Placido
Diane di Prima
Donmay Donamayoora
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Timothy Dyke
Amanda Earl
kari Edwards
Christopher Eggett
T.S. Eliot
Elaine Equie
Felix Fojas
Vernon Frazer
Benjamin Friedlander
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Ralph Galan
Eric Gamalinda
Forrest Gander
Peter Ganick
Marco Giovenale
Ed Go
Ayo Gutierrez
David Hage
Kimiko Hahn
Hollie Holden
Godfrey Holy
Carrie Hunter
Gabriela Igloria
Luisa Igloria
Yang Jian
Patricia Spears Jones
Mary Kasimor
Robert Keith
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Chelene Knight
Marton Koppany
Keana Labra
Dorianne Laux
Nam Le
Ed Bok Lee
William Lessard
Babeth Lolarga
Aditi Machado
Scott MacLeod
Sarah Mangold
Chris Mansel
Djelloul Marbrook
jim mccrary
Lani T. Montreal
Berwyn Moore
Jonathan Mulcahy-King
Gwen Muren
Sheila E. Murphy
Michael Thomas Nelmida
Claude Nguyen
Elly Nobbs
Sylvia Van Nooten
A.J. Odasso
Angel Ortuno
Ron Padgett
Jose Padua
lars palm
Gillian Parrish
Linda Pastan
Enzo Patti
Aloysiusi Polintan
Fabrice Poussin
Cristina Querrer
Erin Redfern
Barbara Jane Reyes
Elizabeth Robinson
Stephanie Rogers
Paul B. Roth
David Rushmer
Joel Pablo Salud
Barry Schwabsky
Lucinda Sherlock
Mike Sikkema
Sandra Simonds
Robert Louis Stevenson
Mark Strand
Noah Strobel
Melissa Studdard
Stacy Szymaszek
Wislawa Szymborska
Edith L. Tiempo
Angela Narciso Torres
Eliana Vanessa
Dan Waber
Cal Wenby
Tyrone Williams
Liz Worth
Jeffrey Yang
Mark Young

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