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Sunday, August 27, 2017


LOVE IN A TIME OF BELLIGERENCE: My book in France is now available for ordering from the Editions du Cygne’s website (it's in English as it's published through English imprint of French publisher).

Once, I was asked why I would be interested in being published in France. I replied, “It's part of my 'Transnational poetics' to be published in different places. This relates to my position as an immigrant to the U.S., that my birth land (Philippines) is not the same country I remember from my childhood, among other factors … such that identity is an unstable (not fixed) position. What heals and keeps it all whole is (from indigenous Filipino perspective) the idea of “Kapwa” which relates to everything/one being related: One is All; All is One. This then relates (in part) to an interest in being published around the world.” It’s a simplistic summary, but to those who pay attention to my work, possibly not a surprising answer.

I hope this book interests you in ordering it. For those in Europe, you can get it for 13 Euros (though that’s not mentioned on the site; just query publisher).

If you’re interested in reviewing, just let me know.

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