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Friday, November 25, 2016


Got an email this morning with the fit subject header “Best from Bucharest”—being open to where the poetry leads has brought me to Romania which will release my first trilingual edition next year, poems translated into Romanian and Spanish, entitled YOUR FATHER IS BALD: Selected Hay(na)ku Poems. Given the hay(na)ku's focus on 3s (tercet), I am grateful for the edition coming out in three languages.

Deep gratitude to Roxana Doncu, Teodor Panait, Elena Ţăpean, Gabriela Apetrei, Iulia Andreea Anghel, Irina Secarescu, and Ioana Agafitei who are among those translating my poems into Romanian. As well, thank you to Daniel Dragomirescu for coordinating the entire enterprise!

Relatedly, Contemporary Literary Horizon has just featured an excerpt from I FORGOT ARS POETICA or, in Romanian, AM UITAT ARTA POETICA. Old poem and old photo but I am grateful, Romania! My best to you too! Their feature presents my poem, "Nobility" with Romanian translation by Gabriela Apetrei and Teodor Panait.

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